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About Us

Phoenix implant prosthesis is exclusively designed for the human anatomy and physiology. The purpose and intentions of our team's cooperation was on "medicine", the anatomical design and functional joint movement. Suggestions proposed by experienced surgeons concerning design and form were our priority with a major focus on the use during surgery as well. Primarily, however, our utmost aim was the normalization of the joint function after implantation of our prosthesis.  

Phoenix Principles ;
Phoenix Implant has set its goals on the innovation of anatomically designed reliable products.

to be open to innovation and continuously improve the array of products.
Anatomically designed
to copy nature even better and be aware that shape and function of the joints evolved over millions of years.

Reliable products
tested, non – destructive, robustness is achieved by using known materials

Phoenix’s ambition is the integration of medicine and engineering with patient satisfaction.

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