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Partial knee implants designed to only repair a part of the joint and preserving all other areas of the knee are increasingly gaining more and more popularity.

The UNICON design, with its surface renewal and minimization of bone resection, will catch your attention.

The hand tools used for implantation make very small incisions possible and are anatomically results-oriented.

Prosthetic components are in compliance with the biomechanical principles to ensure longevity and durability

Unicon Implants

•    Unicon Femoral Component

Between 40-60 mm, 6 sizes

•    Fix Tibia Plateau

Between 40-55mm, 6 Left 6 Right sizes

•    Mobile Tibia Plateau

Between 40- 55 mm,6 Left 6 Right sizes

•    Fix Insert

Between 40-55mm Four Thickness between 6-11 mm

•    Mobile Insert

Between 40-55 mm Nine Thickness between 4-12 mm


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